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At EggBred, we want to serve a purpose in our local communities and become a delicious daily breakfast alternative to the corporate norm. We also hope to serve a purpose to our franchisees with a profitable franchise model that can provide them with a lifestyle of being able to “pick the kids up from school and be home for dinner with the family.” EggBred is not trying to replicate the boring and bland drive-thru breakfast sandwich, nor do we believe in bland anything.

We’re better than that, and our customers deserve better than that. We may be a chef-driven concept, but our menu is still approachable, comforting, and inviting: proprietary blends of proteins, Robust locally air-roasted coffee, custom-crafted English muffins, and locally baked milk buns, comforting breakfast spins on loaded beer-battered potatoes, Health-conscious cold-pressed juices, salads, and avocado toast.

We’re also passionate about preparing everything fresh, made to order, and being available every day, all day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dessert.

We believe our vision resonates with our customers who are eager to discover new, creative yet approachable and comforting dishes.

It’s that little “extra something” that people always end up talking about, and it’s exactly what we want to promote.

Why EGGBRED is an

Proven Business Model and Founder
This concept is an elevated version of countless competitors that have already paved the path in a very bland and boring way. Combine this vision with a chef/founder that has already had success with a previous brand, impressive mid-pandemic store sales, and a consistent, purpose-driven, and clear foundational process and strategy – we are sitting on a rocket shuttle.

Unique, Yet Comforting, Approachable, and Take-Out Friendly Menu
It’s hard to get as universal and familiar as a breakfast sandwich. We may be breakfast sandwiches, but we do them right. We also use our tech-savvy experience to highlight and promote these simple and honest details through our website, news articles, Yelp, and social media.

Lower Risk
Every business risks failure, however by owning our franchise versus starting a new business, there is a greater likelihood of success. You are not only buying into this brand but our executive team’s combined 40 years of industry experience.

Franchisees can benefit from all the current and past advertising and promotions that EggBred has incorporated. Not to mention the access to the founder’s network cultivated over the past 15 years of his career.

Initial & Ongoing Support
Our success is built on your success.

Protected Territory
Whether you choose to do a multiple store deal or just want to own one EggBred location, as a franchisee you will have protected rights to a territory. You will have the ease of knowing your store is protected from another franchisee impacting your customer base.

Purchasing Power
Relationships with vendors are already established. Owning a franchise will allow you the same purchasing power as all the other owned and franchise stores.

Purchasing Franchise Information
As a franchisor, EggBred is required to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s Amended Franchise Rule and make disclosures about the particulars of our company.

Solid Economic Niche
EggBred has a special niche in our industry that enjoys standing out amongst any perceived competition as completely different!

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Franchisee Matching Process

We refer to our process as a “matching process” because both parties need to get to know one another over a period of time in order to decide if there’s a “match”. The EggBred business model is a fun and exciting opportunity, but it’s not right for everyone nor is everyone right for it. Our 7-step matching process is key for a successful, long-term partnership.



After you have filled out the Let’s Get Acquainted form, we will schedule an initial phone call. Based on our conversation – we will determine if we should continue the conversation, where we will provide you with additional information on the concept, business operations, locations, demographics, and start-up costs.



Following receipt of your in-depth Request for Consideration AND preliminary approval, we will schedule a concept compatibility call.



The Concept Compatibility call will begin with a courtesy invitation for your spouse or supportive decision-maker. During this 30-45 minute call, we will focus on EggBred’s core values and vision. Based on our conversation – we will mutually determine if our core values align.



During this 30-45 minute teleconference call, our team will collaborate to deliver a complete overview of all marketing, training and support programs. Depending on the level of business expertise, some candidates will be scheduled to attend a start-up workshop conference call.



This 30-45 minute teleconference call is an opportunity for you to discuss the start-up process and how to open safely and creatively under budget.

In this workshop, our CEO will guide candidates through the initial franchise fee and other startup costs.



After completing the “Mutual Expectation” call and “Start-Up Workshop” call, our candidate will be invited to attend a regional certified Discovery Day.
egg bred take away bags on counter

Marketing & Support


Over the last several years, we have been hard at work developing a solid business model that has allowed us to be successful and profitable! Now, we want to share our system with franchisees just like you and help you deliver the same consistent quality of food that people have come to expect from our business.


Our training program will guide you through our processes and every other phase of the business, giving you the necessary skills for the success of your franchise. The degree of your success, however, will depend on your willingness to learn and to communicate with your customers and with us. Your success is also a function of the amount of time and effort you are willing to devote to learning and executing each phase of the business.

It is our goal to provide our support and these services to you with the highest level of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We at EggBred take the relationship we form with each of our franchisees very seriously; this becomes the foundation of our success. Comprehensive training and ongoing support will keep you and your staff informed and competitive at start-up and beyond.


EggBred is a company that is positioned to do great things, and we are delighted that you are coming along for the ride. As a unique fast-casual breakfast/lunch concept, EggBred has achieved notoriety, respect, and market share. Our potential is limited only by the creativity of our management and the vision of our owners. Our future in this “growth” industry is flourishing, and we welcome you!


  • Single and Multi-unit territories available.
  • Opening an EggBred franchise requires investing your time, expertise, passion, and finances, as well as a commitment to your community.
  • EggBred Franchisees finance their operations through a variety of means.
  • Operators should have cash, assets, or access to capital sufficient to fund the construction and initial operations of an EggBred restaurant.
  • Typically, an SBA loan requires between 10%-30% of the total project amount in cash infusion.


  • Previous franchise or restaurant experience is strongly preferred.
  • Business experience and/or meaningful leadership experience may qualify.
  • If not you, or your operator must have knowledge of, and/or experience with restaurant operations.


  • Total Unit Costs – $275,000 to $499,750
  • Franchisee Fee – $37,500


  • Protected Territory will be an area surrounding the restaurant location with a minimum population of
  • 150,000 (U.S. Census Bureau), persons, or a radius of three (3) miles, whichever is the lesser area.
  • Build Out Options – 90% Retail Shopping Centers, End-cap, free-standing, in-line. 10% Downtown City
  • Available Territories – All 50 states
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Frequently Asked Questions

Upon receipt of your Request for Consideration, our executive team will review for any questions or comments regarding your background and local market.

Including the initial fee of $37,500, your total investment can range from $275,000 to $499,750*, providing you negotiate within the startup recommendations. EggBred offers an area development program with the initial franchise fee for the first restaurant at $37,500, the fee for two restaurants at $57,500, and the fee for three at $75,000. Each restaurant after the third is at the price of $20,000 each. The total maximum number of franchise restaurants permitted under the Area Development Agreement is negotiated and dependent upon the territory requested.

* These costs will vary from individual decision-making related to location, buildout, equipment, and marketing.

EggBred has approved third-party strategic partners that will provide a full range of financial products, including but not limited to: SBA and Conventional Loans, 401K Rollover, Furniture, Fixture and Equipment Leasing, and Working Capital.

Upon final approval of your EggBred franchise, we will activate our approved third-party national real estate team to provide detailed site searches, financial negotiations, and preparation of your letter of intent, at which time you will retain your own attorney to finalize your lease contracts.

Typically, we prefer our locations to be efficient in size from 900-1,500 square feet. We have the flexibility to locate our restaurants in neighborhood or luxury shopping centers based on our unique menu offerings and average check.

EggBred is a community based concept that is well accepted in the following markets: rural, medium, metro, and major-metro. We appeal to a broad demographic, including white and blue collar, and all ages and ethnicities.

We will also provide you a minimum of fifty-six (56) hours of on-site Opening Training

Our franchisees will attend and complete our Franchisee Certification Training at EggBred headquarters. The time period will vary based on the most current and evolving training itinerary to maximize the understanding and management of our business model.

We will provide Grand Opening and on-site training to you and your initial staff. This training will include the technical aspects of operating your restaurant, including but not limited to: operations, procedures, inventory, grand opening, and product preparation.

Absolutely not! Our core values are that our partners are enjoying the balance of spending time with their family and children throughout the week. Franchisees have the flexibility to be Owner Operators, Manage-the-Manager, or Husband/Wife teams sharing the day-to-day management duties.

Our secret sauce to EggBred is a personal lifestyle investment that offers our franchisees the opportunity to be in the restaurant industry with three dominating characteristics – its affordable startup costs, its limited hours, and its special niche in the breakfast and lunch category. We blend the highest customer value proposition with our menu offerings and pricing strategy.

Absolutely not! If you’re gainfully employed, our business model has been designed for you to supplement, transition, replace, or completely break away. Our Husband/Wife teams and Owner Operators will enjoy paying themselves for the hours and/or a salary that they would otherwise be paying their staff. This increases our owners’ discretionary cash flow from the business.

Almost all of the breakfast concepts operating today believe that larger spaces create better results. We believe just the opposite, providing higher quality food with faster service in a cleaner environment, with fewer hours and employees, passing all the efficiencies on to our franchisees. We believe we are the ultimate lifestyle investment within the restaurant industry.


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